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Where The Impossible Is Possible

From the extreme north with the driest desert in the world, to the austral south with eternal ice and inverted waterfalls, Chile is an invitation that is hard to refuse.

Delve into our themes below to learn about Chilean tourism, where the far south of the world unfolds extraordinary experiences. Opt for Chile, where the seemingly impossible transforms into reality – visitors can witness space observation in the Atacama Desert, encounter millenary glaciers, explore magical forests at the foot of imposing volcanoes, and savor the modernity of Santiago. 

This vast territory immerses travelers in a sensation of being alive, connecting them with pristine lands. It's a challenge to the senses, where friendly locals and rich culture pleasantly surprise, and the impossible becomes possible – from flying whales to experiencing all four seasons in a single day.

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Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

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From the pristine coastline and expansive Atacama Desert in the north to the lush, evergreen forests in the south, travelers can traverse salt flats, witness the awe-inspiring ice fields of Patagonia, and meander through fertile valleys, biosphere reserves, and national parks. 

Unwinding in northern oases and revitalizing amidst southern landscapes with native Araucaria await those seeking a break. The immensity of the sea, lakes, and rivers, surrounded by the omnipresent Andes Mountains and volcanoes, offers breathtaking moments. 

Travelers can also discover unique wildlife, from small pudus to giant whales, in marine reserves and national parks. Click on the image to the right for a curated one-day nature itinerary.


Conguillio National Park 
1-Day Itinerary

Chile offers adrenaline enthusiasts and nature lovers an unparalleled experience. 

Whether skiing down mountains and volcanoes, practicing water sports in the Pacific Ocean, or exploring trekking trails in the vast Andes Mountains, the country provides a thrilling adventure. From high-altitude hikes in the Altiplano to mountaineering circuits in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile caters to diverse preferences. 

For sport fishing enthusiasts, Patagonian rivers and lakes present an opportunity to catch famous trout in one of the world's best fly-fishing locations, all set against a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty.

Adventure and Sports

In Chile your clients can savor a culinary adventure featuring exquisite seafood, diverse land-based dishes, and sophisticated preparation, all paired with quality wines. 

Visitors can explore the rich blend of ancient traditions, indigenous ingredients, and European influences in Chilean cuisine, especially along the bountiful Pacific coast. 

Renowned wine valleys like Colchagua and Santa Cruz offer captivating winery experiences, while the Maipo Valley near Santiago stands out for its expansive land and exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

Wine and Gastronomy

Your clients can explore Chile's diverse cultural heritage as they delve into the customs of the Aymara people in the Altiplano and the traditions of the Mapuche culture in the south-central region. 

They can sleep in a traditional ruca, savor local dishes, and immerse themselves in unique experiences. On Easter Island (Rapa Nui), they can witness the enigmatic moais and absorb the island's rich culture. 

In Chiloé, they can hear captivating legends, visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and participate in traditional festivals, such as grape harvests, the La Tirana festival, and the Carnival With the Strength of the Sun in the north. 

Click on the image to the right for a 4-day cultural itinerary to Santiago and Valparaíso.

Santiago and Valparaíso 
4-Day Itinerary


When night falls, constellations, planets, and shooting stars grace the pristine Chilean skies, renowned as the cleanest in the entire southern hemisphere. Travelers can seize the opportunity of over 300 clear days a year and minimal light pollution in northern Chile to witness this celestial spectacle amidst nature. For a closer encounter with the stars, numerous astronomical observatories welcome visitors.

In La Serena, Valle del Elqui, San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta, and Iquique, agencies provide transport, accommodation, and observation equipment. True astronomy enthusiasts shouldn't miss the chance to explore world-class scientific observatories like ALMA, Tololo, and Paranal, where cutting-edge technology unveils the mysteries of the universe.


For travelers seeking tranquility, Chile offers a rejuvenating retreat with over 270 hot springs nestled in lush landscapes and by snow-capped mountains. Visitors can immerse themselves in waters exceeding 30° as rain falls, and indulge in a hot stone massage to conclude their relaxation.

Your clients can also explore healing treatments like reflexology, herbal baths, biomagnetism, and reiki, or engage in rejuvenating practices such as yoga classes and Chinese medicine exercises, allowing their journey to be a holistic and revitalizing escape in Chile.

Thermal baths and Wellness

Reinforce Your Unique Selling Proposition

Discover Chile's Diversity


North and the Atacama Desert

The tranquility of vast sandy esplanades and intense sunshine contrast with deep blue lagoons, small towns where the native customs are kept intact and large cities with beautiful beaches.

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Central Chile, Santiago and Valparaíso

Nestled in a plain of small valleys and coastal destinations, central Chile stands out as one of the most populated areas and surprises with the assortment of activities that can be performed, from the mountains to the beaches.

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Rapa Nui

The mystical Rapa Nui culture floods the entire island and gives life to one of the most emblematic destinations in the world. Its pink sand beaches, volcanoes and grasslands along with more than a thousand Moais are just some of its main attractions.

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The south, Its Lakes and Volcanoes

The rain falls heavily on millenary ancient forests of deep vegetation and assorted wildlife, and then gives way to a deep blue sky. Southern Chile stands out not only for its wonderful green landscapes, but also for being one of the most important areas for adventure tourism in the world.

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An almost untouched nature full of mountains, fjords, glaciers, forests, steppes, pioneer villages where you can breathe the cattle traditions and the gaucho culture, along with important cities, is part of what you can find in the Chilean Patagonia.

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Patagonia Antartica

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Chile, a tricontinental nation, extends from the Andes to the Pacific, sharing borders with Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia. With territory in Polynesia and Antarctica, it boasts diverse landscapes, from the driest desert to a temperate rainforest. 

The country, shaped by cultural and climatic contrasts, invites exploration—from ancient glaciers to bustling modern cities like Santiago. Chileans, warm and friendly, share a deep connection to their land, encouraging others to build bonds, live unique experiences, and discover the beauty of Chile.

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Depending on your customers' nationality, check if a tourist visa is necessary. If they are a citizen of South America, the European Union, the United States, Canada, and Australia, they do not need a tourist visa. Be aware that some countries may require a reciprocity tax upon arrival.

While in Chile, travelers should prioritize safety by being cautious with belongings, carrying copies of essential documents like the passport, and avoiding walking alone in certain areas at night. Chile is recognized for its overall safety, with Santiago ranking as the safest city in Latin America.

Navigating within Chile is convenient with intercity buses, the State Railway Company, and local transportation in Santiago, such as the Transantiago bus system and subway. Land entry points include Peru through Arica, Bolivia through Arica, Iquique, and Antofagasta, and Argentina through various locations.

Chile's rich geographical diversity offers climates ranging from desert to polar. The country's commitment to safety is evident in low crime rates, contributing to its recognition as one of the best places to live in Latin America. 

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